Thursday, April 7, 2011

The roar of the greasepaint —
the smell of the crowd.

The grand tour of 'Five Kinds' continueth.
It's nice to say that we've 'been touring' all week; sounds somewhat less glamorous to say we've performed the play twice in a classroom and once in a nightclub,—that doesn't sound half as good; nor does it do anything to enhance any notions of 'showbiz' to point out that the nightclub show was attended by a total of nine people*, but there you are.
*Thereby outnumbering the amount of people on the stage by two.

Mind you, Clonmel was a loverly stage and an especially lovely and attentive and appreciative audience. We go back there tonight to, what we shall hope, is a bigger bunch.

If it's smaller, we're in trouble.

Big trouble.

how it went.

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