Sunday, April 24, 2011


In Finland easter eggs are real eggs with real egg shells but inside is solid chocolate. How do they do this? Well the answer is of course that they use magic. You know that there's a lot of magic around in Finland at easter because, at easter, all the children dress up as witches (or their cats) and call door to door singing songs for treats: 100% FACT.

This year I am in Ireland and enduring a cold† and lonely angry-against-the-world easter. Tonight, at about 10.30 my doorbell rang. I don't get many visitors 'round these parts, certainly never at this time and I was in bed watchin' the interweb when I heard an insistent bingbongbingbongbingbong.
†'Cold' for internal temperament, not external temperature.
Cursing and grumbling, I dressed myself and made my way downstairs to open the door. Nobody there. Nobody left, nobody right— but down on the ground right outside the door were three easter eggs (Mars, Cadburys Creme and Ben10 if you're askin' ) and a beautiful hand-made card that said 'Happy Easter Darren'.

It is now.

There's magical kids in this country too.

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