Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday part II

It's late... I maybe lost the run of meself a bit...

An interventionist God should intervene,
And if he can't or won't then he should not,
The lucky lepers met the Nazarene,
( The other Lepers never got a shot),

An omnipotent God should use his might
to cure us all,-or if that's not the plan
To cure no-one, it seems a wee bit shite,
To only help out people when you can-

- make it into P.R. for your own son.
( so those who get to witness, will believe )
And stop it when the P.R. job is done.
And leave the rest to die with no reprieve,

And nothing as miraculous or great
for us to witness, no - we must have "faith"

The truth is I am on the Jesus side,
I like his take on things, I like his view,
"Forgive your enemies,"- "reduce your pride,"
"Treat others as you'd like them to treat you",

"Whoever's without sin, cast the first stone".
It's different from the torah or koran,
The spirit of the gospels stands alone,
( The other books don't really give a damn

and differ only by some slight degrees )
They both advocate murder: that's just fine!
Oppress your women: kill your enemies,

So long as you don't never dig on swine.

The gospels ('Musselmen' and Jews despise),
Impart a message way more civilised.

Without the magic tricks, it still holds true,
as a philosophy,-it still has clout.
What difference would it make to me or you,
If it was proved beyond the slightest doubt-

- that Jesus died and never healed the lame?
or walked on water, did no parlour tricks?
he just was right. Would that be such a shame?
To know the sick he visited stayed sick?

The point was that he visited, I think.
He dwelt among the outcasts, the despised,
And giving comfort to the destitute,
Is not as cool as giving folk new eyes,

But it's a good example for a creed.
That champions empathy above base greed.

It's a good pointer on the way to live,
A great example of what we can be,
To receive in this world then you must give,
These words are not, for me, hard to believe.

The world today's miraculous beyond,
what bronze-age desert tribes could ever dream,
Though people in the Third world are bein' conned,
exploited and enslaved and all between,

That's the temple I think we should wreck,
If did we follow Jesus, this would stop.
We wouldn't tolerate it one more day.
We'd fix it so each child would get enough.

and if we did: d'you reckon christ would say,

"No that's not it! - you're just supposed to pray"

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