Friday, April 15, 2011

Hazey recollection.

I was just on the radio* talkin' about "funny stories from your childhood"

*Limerick's live 95fm... Check me out; I'm Mr Showbiz, me.

I didn't get to say this one on air but it's my fave so I thought I'd throw it up here.

I still remember, quite vividly, being walked to school through thick fog for the first time and being absolutely freaked by it.

"What's happening Mammy? Why can't I see?"

"It's fog. Don't worry about it. C'mon"

"What's fog?"

"Fog is when God gets up late in the morning and he doesn't have time to make the world properly — so he just makes the small bit that you are in so you can walk to school in it; he'll fill the rest in later on and it'll be grand, now c'mon."

Now I'm a grown up person like as what understands perfectly what fog is,— but to this day every foggy morning takes me back to that magical afternoon that I spent, spellbound: — earnestly looking out the window of Holy Trinity National School, watching HolyGod fill in the details after a late start, and wondering what it was that kept him up so late the night before.

Thanks Hazel. I miss you every day.

And most of all on foggy mornings.

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