Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Pock Sonnet

A sonnet's hard to write; you will agree.
This clunky effort's evidence enough.
That 'Sonnettie' construction's not for me.
For Sonnettry's an Art what I find tough.
The words don't seem to fit, or sit, quite right.
The rhymes feel over-laboured, to the ear.
To call a spade, a spade,— this poem is shite.
No, Sonnet-writing shan't be my career.
The style, the sound, the metre and the tone.
-They almost work; but in the end they fail.
In truth, I've not done anything, but shown,
scant grasp of what true Sonnetry entails,

But if I had the skills I would impart,
A sonnet that would break your fucking heart.

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