Friday, April 1, 2011

More blatant purloining

Having had Dawkins write the last post for me, I realised that I might get away with a bit of the old 'well-written-content-created-by-someone-other-than-myself' a second time, and so, I present to your weary web-worn opticals, my favourite post from another blog; 'Chant of the Barbie Dolls'. Do check it out if you're down that way.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Descending the lift from work the other day, I noticed a guy get on carrying a book. As you do, I glanced down to scan the title and was instantly intrigued: "How to win every argument". It's rather an out of character thing for me to do, but I couldn't help myself spontaneously opine to the guy, whom I didn't know, since we were otherwise bereft of company for the duration of the trip, "That's fundamentally a pretty dishonest book isn't it?". He seemed puzzled but said "Well, actually it's really interesting, I'm finding it really useful. But why would you say it's dishonest?".

"Well", I replied, "you can't always justifiably win every argument since you can't always be right, can you?". He pondered this for a while, as the doors pinged and we reached the ground floor. Then he said as we went our separate ways, somewhat wistfully I thought: "You can't always be wrong either though can you?".

As I descended the escalator to the tube I pondered this: "Hmmm. Stalemate", I reasoned.

So much for the book.

That blog again:
'Chant of the Barbie Dolls'.

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