Sunday, January 30, 2011

UnFringing the night away (plus awards results)

Okelee Dokely,
A quick one this as I've been indulging in all things theatrical to the point of overload and penury... I 'm gonna spread out the reviews over the week so that I dont have to be thinkin' of different shite to be bloggin' about. I'm off to the awards ceremony, so I should have news of that as well as me own tuppenceworth.

The next exciting instalment tomorrow folk...


Here be them awards:

(an asterisk indicates that I saw the show)
Best Female Performance

Crissy O’Donovan – A Different Animal*
Marie Boylan – A Different Animal *
Amy Conroy – The Blanch *
Maeve Leahy – Her Name was Pamela Mooney*

WINNER - Crissy O’Donovan – A Different Animal*

Best Male Performance


David Bolger - Swimming with My Mother
Dan Canham – 30 Cecil St
Duncan Molloy – 7 Versions of a Song {this performance had no mention in the festival programme}
Jamie Carswell – The Blanch *

WINNER - Duncan Molloy – 7 Versions of a Song

Best Production

Killer Kabaret – Bottom Dog
Swimming With My Mother – CoiscĂ©im
The Blanch – Carpet Theatre*
Storybook – LSA
A Different Animal – Wildebeest Theatre Company*
An Shean Fhear Beag - Branar

The winner of this category was 'swimming with my mother', I believe; I haven't been able to confirm this

Spirit of Unfringed


Absence & Loss – Nigel Rolfe & Irish World Academy
Storybook – LSA
Love Letters Straight from Your Heart – Uninvited Guests*
My Life in Dresses – Sorcha Kenny

WINNER – Love Letters Straight from Your Heart – Uninvited Guests

Judges’ Special Award

A Different Animal *
Choke Comedy – Ensemble
Her Name Was Pamela Mooney – Pontoon Theatre*
Connected – Script & Performance *

WINNER – 30 Cecil St – Dan Canham

Rachel Finuchane's article on the Unfringed 2011. Irish Theatre Magazine

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