Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's all the same crap shoot anyhoo!

To be sung to the tune of 'always a woman' by Billy Joel:

He was Needle Nose Ned and I’ll never forget him,
Tried to date Phil kid’s sister: but Phil wouldn’t let him,
Got the shingles real bad, Now he's fit as a flea,
Made his belly-button whistle, he’s always Ned Ryerson to me.

He’s an actor by trade, name of Stephen Tobolowski,
With a head that shines bright as a newly-weds' house-key,
He’s been working non-stop since Nineteen eighty-three,
He’s got skill, he’s got range;- but he’s always Ned Ryerson to me.

Oh …
he’s done shit loads of parts,
He’s a slave to his art,
With his big baldy head.

‘sbeen in so many shows
Playin’so many roles
But he’ll always be Ned.

I see him in Films, and on peoples' TVs,
He’s in Buffy, Memento, Thelma n’ Louise,
Boston Legal, and Deadwood, and lately in Glee,
But I don’t give two shites cause he’s always Ned Ryerson to me.

I can't look at his head,
but I think of old Ned,
And that really great scene.

Ned is burnt on my brain,
Toby shouldn't complain,
he's had work in between.

I'm glad he's still workin, and not on the dole.
and was not defined by this one single role.
But when I see that head: Ned is all I can see,
He can play Sallieri, Mephisto or Hamlet, he's always Ned Ryerson to me.

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