Tuesday, January 11, 2011

post haste

Okay, I have been drinkinanidge, and it's not a good ideato be abloggin' at this late hour: but I've been thinkinanidge, on my long walk back from Bentley's,- about how best to explain things about a child-centered and over-analysed science-fiction film series as I see it:

and I have this to say:

In terms of creating a good story, full of elements that serve to enhance it and make it interesting, and then returning to that story and trying to pretend that the elements of the origonal story were part of some 'bigger picture' that you had in your mind all along and that those elements had some other function apart from making the origonal film cool:

StarWars prequels = HighlanderII

StarWars prequels=HighlanderII

remember that people

images stolen from b3ta


  1. Hold on there Nelly, is'nt that exactly what JRRRRRRRR Tolkien did in order to slough out all of those Middle Earth books, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, and the likes?

    Or maybe it was just that he slipped in the shower and it was all but a dream.

    So, Lord of the Rings = Highlander2?

    Hey, i'm all for it.

    (Anyone fancy an 'I shot J.R.R.' t-shirt?)

  2. Yes. Except he didn't make such a pigs ear of it.
    I like the sartorial suggestion;a fine tee that would be, a fine tee indeed. But where would one wear it?

  3. 'Chortle', sure now, you do have the fondness for the neologisms. Now, at least Lewis Carroll had the good grace to define his neologisms; 'chortle', half chuckle, half snort, Hitchcock, my good fellow, take posthumous note.

  4. Now , in fairness; he only ever explained the first few lines of 'The Jabberwocky'- and in a different book too... 'Mcguffin' stood for something previously undefinable; Carroll was just a 'portmanteu-ago-go!'-Sure any old fool can go gyreing and gimbling in the wabe like a slithy tove when brillig is upon them.