Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Habbit

Tween the Halflings' pipe and the blog title, I bet you thought this post would be about smoking or some such.

Not a bit of it.

'The Habbit' has nothing to do with anything, I just like the way it looks alongside the titles of the previous three posts.

The only Habbit under discussion here today is the Habbit of writing.

By indulging in this Habbit regularly enough,- I now have 'things':
'Things' that I wrote in the past and are now to be put aside,(and by ' put aside' I mean left up on this blog to gather cobwebs; unread, unwept, unhonoured and unsung *sniffle*).

The Maltese Falcon may be Already Taken
is one of them.

I'm sticking this up here for two reasons:
Firstly, throwing up something, previously written, in installments- lets me off the pressure of having to come up with anything new for a few days,
and secondly; this play is never going to see production.

There was a reading once, but then my Great Uncle Boromphorous came in to tell us the old king had died and that was the end of my literary party,- or at least that's how I remember it. The old 'longbottom leaf' overpowers my memory upon occaision.

While I know that 'The Falcon' is just a piece of faff and not to everybody's taste; I still think that it's a pity it shan't be performed. Well of course I do: I wrote it.

It wasn't written to be read,- it's difficult to read, and it wasn't written to appear episodically in a blog; there won't be daily cliff-hangers*,- but hopefully, should you choose to read it, your patience will be rewarded and you'll get something out of it.

This the great thing about blogs: people read only as far as the point up until they get bored. Yeah that's right. I'm talking about you!- one-or-two-line-reader with your short attention span and your notions of the way that the general gist of things is going
... didn't see this coming didja? Never thought that maybe at the end of the post that the blogger would be wishing that your cows die of the blackleg and your sheep of the red water, and that there be a changling in every cot in your village! You clicky McHickey short-attention-span bastards!

Anyway, where was I?...Oh Yes! First episode tomorrow.

* except for this one

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