Monday, January 10, 2011

Safe Home

Well the last Post was so very long and wordy that I've decided, as a change of pace, to simply provide you with pictures today.

Below are the nine good pages of a photocopy/zine/comic I put together back in 1994.called 'Organgrinder'.

They were all originally in Black and White but I did a bit of colouring with MSpaint on the first page just for jolly.

What it came out of was a chap wrote a short story, which I (working from a 2000ad annual) translated into a panel-by-panel comic script which was then drawn, I thought brilliantly, by Mike Smyth A.K.A. Mike McGabhann and there you have it.

Not exactly blog friendly- (You'll have to Clicky-to-embiggen I'm afraid) but if I say so meself 'tis definately worth the perusing. My part in making it was the smallest, (I think Mike completely ignored the script after the first four pages, and the story-telling improved dramatically).

Here it is, and SLÁN ABHAILE!











  1. Nice to see it up after the copy I posted online got killed by one of those "free" to "pay" migrations of web hosting services.

    Still a bit weird seeing the first page coloured.

    You might think of setting up a flikr account an posting the images to that (or use mine) which will give you each page easily without too much annoyance and has a nice flow to their method of moving from one image to the other

    Peace and Hope


    (just use my net nomme de guerre if you please, I relish my digital anonymity)

  2. Just trying to give credit where due (*the original comic had full and accurate names)...

    Well no 'fence meant and 'tis fixed now ol'chap; Must do that Flicker thing.

  3. Believe it or not I actually remember reading the original way back when!

    Although, I don't recall the detailed explanation of the credits when you showed me :-)

  4. Creatively: my input was indeed minuscule, but dammit, no Darren: no Organgrinder!

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  6. That's a nice hat you've got there...
    kind of 'conspiracy-theory paranioa chic'

    Or is it?

  7. Hi Darren - saw your message on, and I've added a page on Organgrinder to the Irish Comics Wiki. Feel free to add more information.