Friday, February 4, 2011

Killer Kabaret

To me, the very best indicator of a quality show is that it sells out completely and extends it's run; I didn't get to see Killer Kabaret in the unfringed, there wasn't any tickets; it extended it's run and I got to see it last night.

Last night it had to start early, because The Limerick Writers use the same space to meet and they had it booked. I made my way to the Locke Bar through the foulest of weather to see a show that I presumed, between seven o'clock start and the night that was in it, would not be that well attended.

Not a bit of it. The place was black, and once the show started, it was easy to see why:

Of the five participants; any one of them is worth the ticket price; any one of them could play the lead in a serious play, and anyone of them could be the star of a big stage musical. As a group they make a powerful combination.

'Killer' is a straight up musical show along the theme of murder. The cast begin as inmates of some strange Beckett-version of death-row, and throughout the night transform into Killers/victims/accomplices and inmates again through the combination of songs dialogue and dramatic, almost sudden, costume changes. The songs are set-up and given context by short interchanges and snatches of dialogue; it's a treat to see how creatively the team link each piece in turn. The musical accompaniment is excellent and subtle enough that it enhances but never overpowers performers who, without the aid of microphones, must fill the room with voice alone.

It isn't theatre, but it is theatrical, it isn't a musical but it is all music, it isn't a simple group with a song list or a live concept album, it's a heady mixture of all of the above.

It works really, really well. It's creepy, it's moving, it's hilarious. There is nobody I know that I wouldn't recommend this show to. It's sold so well that it's bound to come back again.

Go see it.

'Killer Kabaret': A Bottom Dog production performed by Kathleen Turner, Jean Wallace, Jean McGlynn , Nigel Dugdale and Liam O'Brien. Music by Dave Irwin.

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The show is finally coming back: it has been re-vamped and expanded and scaled-up and will hit the Belltable Wed 9th - Sat 12th November. See it.details

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