Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something to do with Toast

Sweet fillet of bread,
We love you the most,
Virgin White,
Ravished Brown,
And turned into some toast.

Too long have we struggled,
Too long have we toiled,
against those
who would have our bread
Basted or Boiled.

I dream of a future,
That daily comes closer,
Where each,
single person,
Recieves their own toaster.

I know that such right
-minded toaster dispersal,
Can only contribute,
to peace Universal,

How great for a people,
To live in a land-which,
Saves all from the shame of
the untoasted sandwhich.

I say to bread-fryers:
"You People are damned!"
(Some perverts just eat it
straight from the sliced pan)

But Steamed, Blanched or Fricaseed,
There's only one way to eat bread
and that's toasted.!

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