Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beyond the Cathedral

Teenagers film project in Limerick
'Today Saint Mary's Park isn't getting that much good publicity...So we'd thought: we'd thought we'd show all the good things,- like all the small things,- like all the things that hardly no-one sees if they're not from Saint Mary's Park...'

Thanks very much to 'Shampster' from for linking to this, the 'music video' intro alone is worth the click.

Alan Moore,(author of V for Vendetta and the Watchmen) said of, the destruction of his childhood home: "They called it SLUM CLEARANCE, I don't know why... there was no SLUM and there was no CLEARANCE...It was just the removal of unprofitable people from a profitable area."

You might think about that while you're watching it. You might also think about how Limerick Regenerations' Brendan Kenny has called St. Mary's Park: 'The Jewel of the Crown'.

Or, if you like, don't bother thinking about anything and cheer yourself up with this great and entertaining document... not the highest production values in the world (made by the kids project with 900€) but completely genuine and full of heart. 

900€ well spent!


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