Sunday, November 14, 2010

Somethin' from a long time ago: Part One

Blogs aint for this: this aint what blogs is for,
Reposting work that was intended for an entirely different medium and method for consumption as purely text, well.... That's not fair on anybody is it?

On the other hand, here on th'interweb, nobody reads past what they feel like reading and so I say to myself: 'Why not?-there's always the possibility that nobody reads the damn thing anyway'.

So here it is, an innappropriately long post, in segments, of a short play like as what I wrote many moons ago. T'was performed alongside Ciarda Toibins 'Duet' in the unFringed(sic) festival.

To start us off there is something we can do with th'interweb that you cant do with a normal script and that's include the references; Youtube links for:

David Thewlis Playing 'Johnny' in Naked.

Jimmy Stuart as George Bailey in 'It's a wonderful life'.


Micheal Caine as 'Alfie'.


and Robert Shaw as 'Quint' in Jaws.


This last clip is of a Robert Shaw impersonater... which is more accurate than actually Robert Shaw for this script.

Now: All these clips are worth watching in their own right, but they're included here to give anyone who's lost a better idea of what I was trying to do. ...

The lead in music was 'Lilac Wine' as sung by Jeff Buckley played only as far as the end of the first verse. The stage is in total blackout:

One man in a ‘Bed’ Bedboy. Behind him ‘Dreamgirl’, around him 4 figures in black:
Micheal Caine-- Jimmy Stuart--,David Thewlis and Robert Shaw (as ‘flint’ in Jaws) or at least actors/directors interpretations of them .In the central area of the bed, under red lighting Bedboy and Dream girl snuggle.


”What can I say?- I need you”
She smiles


It’s good that you’re here “
She smiles


” I only relax when you're here“
She smiles

Bedboy yawns a long and loud yawn all lights go down slowly to total black.
Then they come on as suddenly as technically possible in both areas. Bedboy is in bed , he stares at the ceiling. The crew of the boat adopt various casual poses.

Micheal Caine;

Now that is pretty sad, I think.
Jimmy Stuart,

Now,now,now I don’t know that I’d say ‘sad’ exactly right away there, I mean y’see let’s just take a moment maybe and see what it is that just happened here. Now the way I look at it ,well this Boy just had a dream here ,right ... am I right?
Robert Shaw

Jimmy Stuart


Robert Shaw;

“Listen, I’m glad to hear you speak up for the lad ... Truly , but only a dream ..It wasn’t only a dream, a day trip or a Sunday regatta. That was herself. And memory serving me right ways it was herself who nearly scuppered all of us.
(murmurs of aItalicssent)

Jimmy Stuart ;

“No it wasn’t, it wasn’t her at all.
All it was ... leastaways that I can see ... was a dream about her, and a dream about her and her herself are two different things- dontcha see that?

David Thewlis ;

Yes we see that we all see that but what you seem to be labouring under
Is the misapprehension that it matters.
It -does ...not-fucking-matter.
You don’t matter I don’t matter and this conversation doesn’t matter ‘ cos it’s NOT FUCKING REAL.But the whole point, kernel, crunch of the crispies and the rock you perish on is IT HAPPENED. And no it didn’t happened in the shops or at a disco or any other arena that qualifies as reality no it happened somewhere more important than that it happened HERE in this very mind. This very mind that is our home , our source , our universe , our mother and if you’ll allow me to paraphrase (adopts1930’s Brooklyn accent)’It’s a reevoltin’ development’”

Jimmy Stuart
“ Well just hang on there buddy what it is I mean what I say it is is..
David Thewlis ;

” I DON’T CARE WHAT IT FUCKING IS !We are in shit!

Micheal Caine

Alright ,alright,...
now: what we don’t want to do..
is lose our focus here.
So what I suggest..
Is first of all..
We’re gonna have ourselves a fag ... I do believe we left two fags by the bed last night?

(murmurs of assent)

Okay let’s have one then .

In ‘the bed’ Bedboy lights a fag .



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