Monday, November 15, 2010

Somethin' from a long time ago: Part Deux


‘the bed’ Bedboy lights a fag



Micheal Caine;

Now all I said,
It’s a bit sad.- I still think it is mind you
But that. Is all.
A sad left-over thought,
You’ll have them.
And thinking about it? Well
There’s a waste of time for you if you like.

I vote,
We get up and do something
Hows about a cup of tea? We got ‘Barry’s’ in the kitchen ...
Handsome tea that is

David Thewlis ;

What the fuck for?

Robert Shaw :


(they all look at him)

Now see here shipmates, we aint goin’ any where nor doing any god ...damn thing unless we knows for damn certain our vessel is worthy.
Now he’s taken us through many a storm but our hull is weak and I say we don’t leave port to make tea, nor any other thing ‘till this thing is straight. Am I clear on this one Boys?
Now I aint one for ‘rationalising’. I tell each man here straight that I don’t know what this dream means and like enough it could be as you say, a sad, left-over thought like the squall made when a clipper goes down to davy jones.
Men that jump to safety too late get sucked down from that particular ‘after effect’.
We don’t wanna take chances.
Not with this lady.

Jimmy Stuart :

‘So that’s it! ... We had an uncomfortable dream and now we’re gonna give up moving and... I dunno ,maybe sit here forever ‘till we get SORES or something. Well that’s just ...Y’know I gotta say I thought you guys had a little more guts than that...gumption....

David Thewlis ;

(cutting him off) I admire your ingenuity I do.

Jimmy Stuart:


David Thewlis ;

How is ignoring it brave ,eh?
How did you work that one out ,eh? Something BIG happens and what do you do? When you know it’s a big deal, but you don’t want to talk about don’t want to deal with it or try and work it want to go make a cup of tea?
Fuckin’ hell ...the answers in the fucking tea leaves?

Jimmy Stuart :

Well y’know who’s to say that making a cup of tea gee I mean it might help with this sort of thing.I mean I dunno maybe it’s just me but I don’t see why we all have to sit down and wallow in it . Where does that get us?, You know I’ve been right here in this head for as long as you have and I got some...and that’s another thing..say where do you get off with this whole...

Micheal Caine;

Hang on a minute,
lads, I've got an idea...

Maybe we should call her



Robert Shaw:

Have you been drinking Seawater?

Micheal Caine

; Ring her up,have a chat ...I mean, there’s still no sign of those solicitors letters, is there? That’s a legitimate inquiry right there.
Few minutes chitchat.
What’s the harm?

Jimmy Stuart ;

I , I don’t think...


Fuckin’ hell ... Thought I was the suicidal one around here mate.

Micheal Caine;

Why not?

David Thewlis;

Why not? Because it’s the thing we have learned not to do. Because it’s not a ‘legitimate inquiry’ ... It’s the desperate neurotic act of a man who can’t stop thinking about her and I guarantee you it will be read as such.

Think about it.
She’s gone nearly four years now. Four years. Four interesting,- bizarre,painfull pointless loveless years, and if we make that phone call we might get a moments respite, from our dilemma here, we might get the stark contrast between the dream girl and the actual banality. That might free us from this nocturnal mania and put a spring in our step once more. We might.
We might just as easily be rewarded with nothing other than more fuel for this unending mind-splitting moping neurosis!
If she’s cold and matter-of-fact, as she always is .That , will, hurt. As it always does.
If-on the other hand- she’s all warm and friendly and speaks with any feeling at all then were gonna get a repeat presentation of the disgraceful and worrying performance we’ve seen here tonight so no we are not ringing her.

Micheal Caine;

What’it like being you?

David Thwelis;

Fuck off!

Micheal Caine;

A bit hectic.

David Thwelis;

You are me.

Robert Shaw;

We're in stagnant water then...


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