Friday, May 27, 2011

Treasures from Scratch

Okay I've decided to break this one up because I'm a lazy git. Basically I'm writing about 'Scratch' for the next few posts.

'Scratch?' says You; and what's 'Scratch' when it's at home?


For two nights this week the Belltable held its 'Scratch' event: a lovely idea to encourage a few local Thayture heads to tentatively try out a few half-formed ideas in front of an audience. It was an opportunity, instigated by the now departed Joanne Beirne to take 'that idea that you're not sure about' and to stick it under the grill and see if anyone salutes it (or else to run it up the flag pole and see if it sizzles).

On Wednesday it began with Willfredd Theatre's 'FOLLOW' which I didn't get to see.
Curatorily*, this seems like a bit of a mad way to do things; I mean the show was different on two different nights but only to the tune of one short piece. Surely the majority of audience weren't expected to attend both nights? * Yes, I make up my own words; what of it?

There must have been good reasons for this eccentric line-up but I did find it annoying, not least because I went on Thursday and missed Willfredd Theatre's 'FOLLOW' and was told by a Wednesday-night-attender that that had been their favourite thing.

What this post is about, and what the Wednesday-nighters missed out on, was Maeve Haicead's 'Treasures'; which I really thought was one, a treasure that is.

Everyone loves to see themselves on the stage and I wouldn't have thought a Mother/Daughter dynamic would have sucked me in as much as this did, but then again, I am a hoarder.
I do believe that the objects we retain from our lives and the lives of our families for a kind of sculptural diary and so I enjoyed the premise immensely. I enjoyed the actors' performance too and found it heart-warming and believable. As expected, ( from the way the whole night was put together ) it was over too soon.
The only thing missing, from the parts that I saw, were some real Bunty Annuals. Honestly it's a small thing but there are people in this world who will gasp at the sight of an old copy of Smash Hits or a Bunty Annual.

And I'm one of them.


TREASURES produced by Sidhe Theatre Company. Performed by Margaret McBride & Maeve McGrath.

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