Friday, May 27, 2011

Seige from Scratch

The second course on the 'Scratch' evening menu was 'Seige' written by Ciarda Toibin and Directed by Marie Boylan.

Some of the dramaturgy was unclear; the 'story' was hard to follow. The background music over-powered the actors voices at times and I kept getting confused about the relationship of the two main characters, where they Mother/Son? Mother and gay son? Illicit lovers? Childhood sweethearts? I think a combination of the last two maybe or maybe all of them: it was definitely confusing to me, BUT:

I didn't care; every glimpse of the story that I could discern was invoving, and the Actors' performances were fantastic. The way that somebody can become truly beautiful, while singing kareoke truly awfully was touched upon in 'My Best Friend's Wedding' but done a million times better here.

One could claim that the device of having a 'dead person speaking alive and addressing the audience' is an old chestnut, in ways, but the line: "I'm not missin'" spoken to the audience the amid all this chaos and excitement and theatricality had a resonance that I found both chilling and engaging.

Yup,- this really floated my personal vessel.

I think there's a fantastic play in here somewhere. Certainly,- if I'm to regard these tit-bits as akin to 'movie trailers' then 'Seige' is the next Summer block-buster I most earnestly want to see.

I'm hungry for it.

Get the finger out, Toibin!


SEIGE, produced by Amalgamotion, was written by Ciarda Tobin and directed by Marie Boylan.

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