Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cú Chulainn in modern Limerick.

Complete: Bull

(Radio play)
I absolutely cringed when I first heard this, I had such high hopes but some of my ideas fell flat and a lot of the comic timing was obliterated in the edit.

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But still, the basic idea ( I think ) is sound,i.e. to set the 900 year old (at least) epic of 'An Tain'- the Cattle raid of Cooley, as a violent dispute between back-stabbing drug-dealing families in Limerick housing estates.

I included all the main episodes, from the poetic saga: from the opening marital dispute ('the pillow talk')to bloody the climax the ('fight by the ford' and Queen Maeve's shame).

This is episode 3. Very far from perfect (the transitions take forever) but it is the one that came nearest to working as comedy in my mind.

This is the part of the story where Queen Maeve sends her minions to bargain for the Brown Bull so that she will have an equal to her husbands White Bull. The story is narrated by a Seanachai who suffers from a bilious attack any time that his glass is left empty...

for radio
episode three

Subplot Forensic suggests Cucullen, Cucullen and Ferdiad escape custody

SFX Crackling fire....

(To the room- hoarsely) and so it was that (cough)...It came to be that(cough)

Voice in the room:

Are you alright there Tomas?....Would you like some water?

(More exaggerated coughing and mumbles of concern around the room)

Voice in the room:

Would you have another whiskey?

(in a voice as clear as a bell)
I will!
(Concern stops)

Voice in the room:

Right you are, there you go Thomas...


The blessings of God on you.(drinks ) Ah!
Where was I? Oh yes! The black tale of the Bull, and the many who died.
Sure you can leave the bottle there...

Voice in the room:

No problem at all there thomas, and I just want to say it’s great to have a true seanachai in the house.


The black tale of the Bull, and bargains broken...

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(You know you want to)

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