Friday, May 27, 2011

Rashomon vibration yeah

I came across this speech about how the super-high-net-web-inter-link, far from evolving into the democratic world-connecting utopian information-exchange-area we'd all hoped for, may instead be currently in the process of turning into complete shite and destroying all newspapers and ethical journalism while it's at it.

It's got a couple of interesting points so check it out by all means right here. In this speech, apropo of nothing much, Mr Eli Parisier points out that we'd all like to watch cinema classics like Rashomon, but we end up watching Ace Ventura instead. This doesn't have much to do with the speech but it gets a chuckle and he moves on.

I don't. Move on that is, nor do I get a chuckle for that matter but the main thing is that I don't move on.

I stand there, dumbstruck.

Why in the entirety of my pathetic, pointless and largely uneventful life have I never watched Rashomon? Could it be because unlike 'Seven Samurai' ( The Magnificent Seven) and 'Yojimbo'( A Fist Full of Dollars) nobody ever made a decent Western out of it? Could it be that no video library* I've encountered in my pathetic, pointless and largely uneventful life has ever stocked it, probably also because nobody ever made a decent Western out of it?

*no video library ever
stocked it apart from the one in Helsinki that had a DVD but it only had a Japanese
soundtrack & Finnish subtitles and that was just a language-gap too far.

Well long story short I don't know why this Fillum never made it into the Cinema Paradiso that is my trusty VHS machine but it didn't. I have lived my life culturally bereft it seems. Yes, there has been a Rashomonetary deficit. This was a situation that could not continue, people, and you'll be delighted to hear that you can all relax because it's finally been resolved: I just watched it.

It's a Good Fillum: I'm feeling all stripped down and into the bare-boned Nippon way of thinkin' so have a haiku to sum it all up:

The truth is not set,
We live our lives not knowing,
This blog has ended.

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