Friday, February 11, 2011

On your marks...

Okely dokey.

Apologies for web absence folk,( I know how you all dote upon my dribbling squibbling rabbling babbling mental rantitude). I haven't been writing about 'Things and also Stuff' because I got some things (and also stuff) of my own going on at the moment.

About me is an air of general business, a flurry of activity if you will; the Five Kinds of Silence project is a big one.
'Word-wise' I got me a whole passel of memorising to be gettin' on with; 'body-wise' I'ne gonna really have to put some work in, (movement and blocking always takes me a long time to get me head around).

I have six weeks to 'quite liderally' get my act together.

As luck would have it, I'm a time-wealthy person, or I should say ,'I was a time wealthy person.

Just to make things extra-difficult, I've decided that my body will have to be, if not quite a temple, certainly less of a derelict squat, and, to this end, I have decided to break completely with my nicotine addiction.

It's all to play for boys and girls.

The Dubbelin venue for the show will be North Strand Tech, (the rather large 'soviet-block style' building that you see on the right just before you come into Connolly,) now known as Marino College. It's not hard to find if you know 'The Five Lamps'. We should be on there for one Monday night (very likely April the 4th).

Hasta Luego.

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