Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rumours in Kilmallock

I went to Mephistos' 'Grenades' in the loft on Friday and then had a fabbo time in Mary Jo Hoganses. The show was more than worth writing about and I am on it, in the meantime, we have a guest here on 'stuffinthangs': Karen of 'Teaspach' who went to see Rumours in Kilmallock.

Rumours by Neil Simon was on in Friarsgate Theatre, Kilmallock last weekend. I went to their final performance night and I've been trying to remember when I've laughed so much during a play,(from start to finish) and I don't think I ever have.

Seriously, this play had the entire audience in fits of laughter throughout; throughout!
Of course, by the time I got to see it they were on their 8th performance and the pace was on fire. Neil Simon, ( probably best known for 'The Odd Couple'), is obviously gifted at creating a diverse bunch of characters and putting them all together in the one room. ...plotwise; a New York city Mayor and his wife have invited their closest friends to a dinner party in their home to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary - when the guests start to arrive all is not what it seems and a massive cover up begins ...but I don't care about the specifics - this play and its actors, made me laugh for 2 hours solid and right now, we really need to laugh. It was, quite simply, brilliant!"

Karen Fitzgibbon,


Rumours was an in-house production for Friarsgate Theatre directed by Robert Lee and featuring Orla Ahern, Eleanor Bennett, John Condon, Mandy Donworth, Max Hennessey, Bernie Leahy, Aine Little, Jim Lynch and Ger Murphy.

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