Friday, March 11, 2011

Ratified Rhyming (a true story)

I have lamb on the pan,
and a rat out my back,
Questions rumble,
in my mind.

Is this one simple meal,
causing torment unreal,
to that rat?
are my actions,

Is his rat-mind in hell?
Does that lamb-burger smell
make him want,
to break down,
my back door?

Does he watch from his lair,
With an envious stare,
In his mind,
does he let,
a Rat-Roar?

Does the smell of the meat
make his rat-stomach leap?
(Rodents eat,
very often,
I've read).

I should purchase a trap:
kill that rat with a snap,
Or perhaps,
I should feed him,

No! the feeding of rats,
is proscribed in these parts,
"Rats are vermin,
Not creatures,
for pettin'"

This rat-tails' at an end,
We can never be friends.

Is it callous,
that I'm,
after gettin'?

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