Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Okay, the pictures don't match the post.

On our part of The Donaghs, the family with the phone was a family from Monaghan with a volkswagon beetle that they covered in posters at election time and drove up and down the street extolling the virtues of Fianna Fail*(*I think they have officially lost the 'fada' at this stage).

One year, this family had t-shirts, I reckoned they looked pretty cool and I asked me Ma if I could have one, her reply astonished me because we were good friends with this particular family:

"That 'Charlie Haughey' is nothin' but a gangster, and Fianna Fail are only gangsters, and they don't give a flyin continental about real people".

Ahead of her time; Hazel, in plentymany ways.

I asked her how come she was friends with this woman if she felt that way, and Ma said: "I don't mind her notions".

Now, I have notions: I have plentymany notions and one of my notions is about the purity and excellence of the 'person-created' art form, done for me, in the same room and at the same time as the person making it, vs the (probably higher quality) well-crafted thing with no soul or connection designed for mass consumption and maximum profit.

That's me notion, or that's one of me notions, but what I spose this post is about is me askin' you to take a leaf out of Hazel's book and 'don't mind my notions'.

The video clip at the very end of this piece is a bit of vulgar low-down huxtermanship. It is designed to increase the bums-on-seatage, and, for my fellow actores and the people bank-rolling this thing from the outset, I do get that perhaps marketing is the only way to pack out that first night,( or that one night in that town that never heard of you).

The well-marketed show is, to me, a much-despised bastard-relative of the show that 'does well because people recommend it to their friends' but, (in terms of any tangible financial reward for all the work you've put in,) the well-marketed show, what is crap, will beat the very good show, that nobody comes to, every time.

So here I am a huxtering. The same people who introduced me to Momus also introduced me to a much-treasured VHS videotape of Marlon Brando in 1965. On the tape he carries out a series of interviews about his latest film 'Moritauri'. I got the opinion, from watching it, that it was a low point of his career because he was so so SO unwilling to say anything good about it.

As it turns out: it's not a half-bad flick, highly entertaining and very different from the WWII fillums of the time, so why was Brando so unwilling to sell it?

Now I get it, Marlon Brando,(in common with myself and the yer wan on the Donagh's with the phone), had 'notions'. Unlike meself or herself he was charming with it. The interweb is here to bring you this treasure right now, here, free, gratis and for nothing. If you ever wondered what all the fuss is about that fat dude in 'The Godfather' then now is your chance to find out.

part one

part two

part three

And when you're done with that,- check out the clip *sigh* for our up-coming show.



  1. Your Huxtership:

    Your Huxtership helps your Notions.

    And I quite like them notions.

    Any further comment has aready been remarked in my comment on the post "videogroan"

    Peace and Hope


  2. As soon as Fianna-Fail lose the fada, 'your Huxtership' is to become the official form of address for leaders of all religious congregations.