Wednesday, June 16, 2010

play dedication

This play is dedicated to Atomi the cat; a little black and white shagball, who ‘came from the streets’, and was my constant companion during its composition; a feline muse, whose serene presence lent a calm pleasure to the act of writing it.
She made many direct contributions to the original text, by walking over the keyboard, (and in the same fashion managed to delete entire passages that she felt weren’t up to scratch). She continued this collaborative role into the rehearsal process, providing an attentive, if uncritical audience, and even sharing the stage with Zeb from time to time.
Atomi has been quite subdued of late; anemia and jaundice have led to a sudden dramatic weight-loss and the vet has recommended her humane destruction. The appointment is today and by the time you read this she will be buried. She is only a cat, but she’s my cat and I’ll miss her terribly.

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