Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've got soul but I'm out of solder.

Body and Soul

Having just finished the run of the thing-like-as-what-I-wrote, we were off to perform at the ‘Body and Soul’ festival in Meath.. I don’t go to festivals meself; large crowds (and plastic paper-less portaloos) freak me out a bit to be honest. The loos were as I expected, but as for the general vibe- I can only say that the Body and Soul was a very special and salubrious happening indeed. The weather was fantastic, and in truth, everything else was so well-organised that I started to suspect that maybe somebody had organised the weather too.

As strolling players, we only got a taste; we drove up Sunday morning: me good self and The Cheeky Chappie picking up the Dreamygirl en route. The play was performed at 5:30, we hung about a bit and then reluctantly went home.

The day was special and lovely and nice.

The only un-mellow vibe in the whole place was coming from some muscular bloke in the Rose Garden shouting his head off about poverty and misery and waving an iron bar around. How he attracted an audience, I’ll never know. Why that audience hung around, to be ranted at, for a full hour is another puzzler: but they did and now we have been invited to the Leccy- Picnic!

Huzzah! – We shall have a picnic, with lashings of ginger beer.

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