Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A midsummer nights Liam

Last night, if you were fortunate, you would have been in Limerick City at the Loft and you would have been listening to ‘Midsummer nights swing’, a night of music presented by Liam O’Brien and friends.

‘Twas a very special evening altogether. It felt like this photo.

Not only was there great music, but there was even a bit of Shakespearean drama as well!-( I was in this drama, playing a key role, so I cant really comment on the performance except to say that the guy playing ‘The Wall’ in scene 2 was really very good).

As for the music; Liam was great, Cormac(not actual name) was great, Aedin (not actual name)was great, Lisa was great and Kathleen was something else again. Woman gotta set of pipes.
There was a lot of talent in the room, and a lot of love. As a matter of fact, it was a very warm audience in every way and it’s an equally universal truth to say that the performers were totally totally hot.

On a midsummer nights eve, that’s exactly as it should be.


  1. I think you mean Aileen. And Kathleen. And who's Cormac again?

  2. Poo! I got all the names wrong..okay that's what I get for going half cocked.