Saturday, December 18, 2010

Johnny B Notgoodenough.

I went out on the town last night; to the 'new' Flannerys.
Flannerys of old was the birthplace of Impact Theatre, factfans.

There's been a fair amount of changes since then but most recently the whole bar has expanded to include the area of the building next door that always had broken washing machines outside it...
What a smoking section it is! By far and away the best in town: dry, secluded, large, with it's own bar (so you don't have to be going in and out for your beer) and best of all WARM.
And although there is tellies there, and my default setting is 'agin' tellies in pubs ; I was glad of them there last night because I was able to watch the Late Late show debut of the 'Rubberbandits' in Limerick with a bunch of Limerick heads.
The bandits themselves were grand,- it wasn't the show-stopping performance that Blindboys' contribution to 'Liveline' was the other day, but it was great to see and feel the pride in the room. There was a deafening and spontaneous cheer at the mention of 'Donkey Fords'.
All too soon the spot was over and Johnny Logan had just began to sing his big christmas number when the sound went off.

There was a deafening and spontaneous cheer for that as well.

I love Limerick.

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