Sunday, October 10, 2010

It really tied the room together did it not?

I met a friend recently who confessed difficulty putting their thoughts into text.
"Nothing unusual there" says you, "not everyone can, it's a bit of a thing really isn't it?" and yes I suppose it is.

Some folks seem just born to do it but for the rest of us poor mortals it takes practice.

What astonished my friend though was that he had never realised this about himself; he'd presumed that, because he is an articulate and well-read person in conversation, that his writing would just 'come out' and 'be good'. He was a bit humbled to find out how difficult it was to do, once he'd sat down to do it.

Having difficulty writing stuff doesn't make you thick, and writing quickly and easily doesn't make you clever. I know my mate be clever, (He's smarter than me anyway) all that was really wrong with him was not that he 'couldn't write' but that he hadn't written anything in ages. Not incapable, or incompetent; he just is, or was, rusty.

Watching him struggle and feel bad frightened the bejeepers out of me though.

Micheal Caine got a lot of stick throughout his career for being in silly crap things just for the money. He makes the point in his autobigraphy that the actor who rejects 'unworthy' projects is not acting wisely.

Mr Caine suggests that the 'selective' actor is in danger of being hopelessly out of practice: they turn down roles theey consider beneath them and by the time this elusive gig that they can deem 'worthy of their craft' finally comes along, they may be too rusty to do it properly.

I can see what he's getting at. Incidentally, don't be distracted by the mysogynist advertisement with the rug there's nothing to be read into these things, absolutely nothing. It is not a reflectionof my deeper feelings to the fairer sex at this time.

Stop looking at me like that.

Where was I? Yes!
I gave up this blog some time ago, originally to concentrate on a Hamlet adaptation and then I read somewhere that the greatest factor in blog popularity is not the quality of writing or the subject matter but simply the frequency of posts. Well that put me right off.

Sure you might as well start tweeting altogether if that's your notions!

Tweeting may change the way we live and communicate in a revolutionary way but 'tweet' has got to be the crappest verb in history. Real men dont tweet.

Anyhoo, long-blog-short,- I've been out of it; I've been havin'a bit of Darrentime, just for me; I've been coastin' for way too long I admit it.
So it's time to roll up the sleeves and get back into the Stuffinthangs swing of things. I'm not gonna do this everyday because it's just too hard, I shant be taking over the interweb anytime soon either but 'tis a good discipline to be writing. Even if I'm just blathering away. Nobody minds that I don't have a point.

I hope.

It's just like,my opinion man...

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