Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Hope of Walking Like an Egyptian

Wrote this a few months ago: thought I might as well stick it 'ere...

Okay:Click on this to hear the music in a new window


(to the tune of 'Walk Like An Egyptian' by The Bangles then)

All the Tusken raiders,
on the plains:
They do the sand-dance
dontcha know,

in single file,


They're leaving, but
they'll be back with mo'.

Tiny jawas drive-
a giant skip,
around the place,
looking out for scrap,
They'll sell you droids


( thay're stolen or
just completely crap)

Jawa guys
with the glowing eyes say,
way oh
way ooh
way oh-oh
way oooh!

Got what you're looking for.

Master Luke is so-
sick of life,
He wants to join
- the rebellion,
His Dads alive!
No way! oh...

( That isn't what
folks are tellin him,)

Stormtroopers waste-
all his kin,
And so he must
go- with Obi Wan,
He's got the force..

Oh way oh..

And that's why the
troop-ers wave them on.
Obi Wan:
He just his moves hand,

way oh
way ooh
way oh-oh
way ohh!

not what you're looking for

instrumental break and 'whistling' bit

They hire a ship
- in a bar,
but some of the
custom-ers are rude,
Obi chops 'em up,

No way! Oh..

Kenobi's a
bad-ass fighting dude,

Han Solo takes-
on the job,
And thats 'cos he-
needs the money fast,

He meets Greedo,

Oh way oh,

He shoots at him,
Greedo has a blast.

Han solo
'pays for the mess',
And gets away,
with this felony,

no-one seems to mind
('bout Greedo!)
They live in a hive,
of villainy.

 Straight away
to the docking bay and..

way oh
way ooh
way oh-oh
way ohh!

Set course for Alderaan.
Set course for Alderaan.


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