Saturday, September 10, 2011

2001 a space odyssey.

Well I reckoned that having just watched A.I., that 2001 would be a perfect follow-up, and besides, I had never seen it.

I don't know why I had never seen it... I suppose because it's long and because it has a reputation as a master-piece and a reputation as a masterpiece can put me right off a thing. Also, I remember that I tried watching 2001 with my Dad back in the 70's when it was first on television and this was a disaster because Da totally ruined it by pointing out how there was no story and that nothing was happening.

That memory coloured my watching of it this time. To be fair to me Da, I can see what he meant; it's not exactly an action movie. Still, after a while I found the slow pace of it smooth and engaging. Kubrick came up with a number of ways to suggest zero gravity ( and solutions to it) on film and he takes his time to show these off, and I'm glad he does because it looks so cool.

The 'computer going mad' section is very well done too but unfortunately after HAL sang 'daisy' the film seemed stop being about anything anymore. I felt that for the end of this film instead of being told a story.... I felt I was just 'shown some stuff' and left to make my own sense of it, and I hate that.

'Something' was happening but I'd no idea what and I stopped caring pretty quickly and waited for the film to end. Which took a while.

2001: You lost me at 'Daisy'.

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