Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the Shorts

I went to a showing of locally-made short fillums in the Loft venue in the end of May, and although I was mightily impressed, I didn't bring a notepad to record my reactions... it's a while ago now and my memory has become hazy, however — as luck would have it, I caught up recently with Peadar Clancy who was MC of the evening and starred in two of the fillums, and asked him for a quick reminder of the nights events. This is what he was kind enough to tell me, and like the absolute git that I am— I've added me own tuppence-worth in heavy black-type a la 'Smash Hits' 1987.

Anyway, here's a rare photo:

And here's Peadar in his black cloak and barrister's wig to tell you all about it...

M'lud, on the night in question six shorts sizzled in Limerick's sauciest pan:

House with a Bay View

Steven Boland of LIT was the director and driving force behind this. I helped a little with dialogue and was the main character, the effete landlord who did not know he would be so effete until he had shaved down the centre of his chin and made a hasty cravat out of an old handkerchief.
This was breezy and fun and Peadar was a lot more creepy than effete for my money.

Milk Market Documentary

Another LIT student, Pete Moloney filmed this movie. Great to have the locale portrayed in a bustling sort of way. This was a nice straightforward mini-doc on the subject of the Milk Market. Because it has changed so much recently, I felt this piece had a lovely 'reeling in the years' vibe about it.

The Sound Machine TRAILER

Conceived and executed by Bill Barham, his first foray into film technology and the like. James Skerritt director of photography on that one. (James, Pete and Steve all come from the same class in LIT and we are all pals.) I remember thinking that this was the tightest so far at this stage of the evening, & made with a real sense of fun.


To my mind, this was the resisting piece as the French should say, Limerick Senior College class project headed up by Niamh MacNamarra of Speakeasy Jazz fame. Really atmospheric. ' Really?? 'Atmospheric' eh? Is that what you call it? seriously folk, this short fillum wouldn't be everyone's mug of Bovril, and one young person actually left when it got too 'heavy' for them but I thought that it was wonderful really, made entirely out of awesomeballs: absolute class, and would have given it the 'Golden Scrote' for awesomeballisity if such an award [ or indeed adjective ] existed. It was so cynical and depressing and devoid of hope that it put me in a good mood for a week. Seriously volk, I found it quite compelling.

The Real Thing

This came to us by way of Emma Lee Teck, a local lass who went of to Goldsmith College of Fine Art in London and has made several films. She was the director on this one. Highly polished. Of all the fillums,this was perhaps the most like a 'real' film and you could tell that a lot of expertise and time had gone into making it. The audience fell around laughing and I felt that it was a nice palatte-cleanser after bleak oul' Alfred.


This was a bit rough around the edges, I wrote this with my friend James (Skerritt) who called me up with the idea of a film starting with a guy getting caught rubbing one out* in the beginning and caught again in a very compromising situation of some nature in the end. Looking at it now, I am not thrilled with it, but learned an awful lot from the process and one or two moments came off very well. A bit of a mad one alright this, but I thought it was way better than Paedar's is making it out to be here.
Out of all this has sprung The Limerick Film Collective, and we will do more of the same soon(ish).

Thanks for the interest.

Take 'er easy.


Cheers Peadar do come again...

* ' rubbing one out ' is, I have decided after some thought, a 'Peadarism' for wanking.

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